Slime-Making for Beginners

We had a very busy week this week, hence my post being several days over due, with celebrating the 4th of July and starting my new workout regimen and making a huge mess in our house making SLIME! We had attempted making slime a couple of weeks ago, with a huge fail. We discovered the reason behind the fail and brought in a slime-making expert(a 5th grader) and tried again! This time was a success and super fun!

The first step is to gather all of your ingredients that you’ll need, which include: ELMER’S GLUE (This is crucial. Non-Elmer’s glue WILL NOT form the slime.), contact solution containing boric acid, shaving cream for fluffy slime(not necessary), glitter(not necessary either). Please disregard the baking soda in the picture. Several recipes called for that but we ended up not using it and it worked fine. Also, we did not use measurements so you can put away your measuring cups and spoons. Yay for wingin’ it! img_5422

Then, we poured one bottle of Elmer’s in a bowl. We wanted this slime to be fluffy so we just added a few squirts of shaving cream. img_5421

We mixed the glue and shaving cream until combined well, and then squirted a little bit of contact solution and mixed, and continued squirting little by little until it turned into slime that we could handle without it sticking to everything. Be careful if you are making this with small kids, and do most of the mixing yourself. Do not let them eat it or lick their hands. Mine wanted to play with it before we had enough contact solution and it was such a pain to get off of her hands. img_5424

Slime is almost complete! img_5427

Finished Slime! We added LOTS of glitter to ours. At this point, it’s very easy to mix with your hands. You should be able to pour the glitter on and then work it in like dough. Word to the wise, do not use glitter if you don’t want it ALL OVER your house. Someone had already recommended that to us and I thought it wouldn’t be too bad, plus I LOVE glitter, but it literally was everywhere.


Ready to make more?! Yeah! Now on to regular slime with no shaving cream. Again, pour one bottle of glue into your bowl.

Since we made just regular white slime the first time, we thought it might be fun to mix things up and add some food coloring! Gimme some pink! img_5434.jpg

After your food coloring is blended into your glue, add your squirts of contact solution and mix until it is a dough-like consistency and does not stick to your hands. img_5436

We got REALLY wild and mixed the fluffly slime with the regular slime, and of course we added more glitter. Notice it is ALL OVER the table.

Overall, this was a really fun activity and my favorite part was that it took a while to mix everything and play with it and it kept my toddler entertained the whole time. However, this is an activity that you can’t leave your toddler alone with so you can’t just sit them down at the table and think you can go clean or watch Netflix. You are all hands in on this one.

I don’t think we’ll be making a habit of this, however, I have seen some really cool slimes on Instagram, so maybe we’ll try those if we’re feelin’ crazy…

Here’s to making slime, a huge mess, and most importantly, memories!

You’ll make it, mama 🙂