End of the Week Update

This week has absolutely flown by! I realized I haven’t been able to post in a bit so this is just an update on what’s going on in my life right now. I love writing and putting all of my thoughts into words but lately I’ve been too tired to even think!

Last week, I signed myself up for 4 weeks of boot camp to kick off my weight loss/toning goals. I’m really not concerned about weight as much as I am about how I feel and look. Right now, I’m feeling a little too soft and giggly. That’s just what happens when you have two babies back-to-back. I’ve been to 6 classes so far and I’m really loving it and it feels so good to be using muscles that I haven’t used in a while and did I mention that they provide childcare? It’s AWESOME! So not only do I get to work out, but I get to do so WITHOUT the distraction of kids. And it’s also a really tough workout, hence¬†boot camp, so I feel accomplished when I’m done.

I’ve been eating pretty healthy as well, which is a lot easier when you are on a dairy restriction that affects your baby and not you(I would just suck it up and suffer through it if I wanted some ice cream, but I can’t do that to my sweet girl). I did have a bite of ice cream on July 4th and it went over alright with the babe, but I don’t want to push it. But I can’t have cheese, any of the creams, or a lot of baked goods so it shuts out a lot of the temptation I would normally face. I just find myself craving a lot of bread and sugar still and I’m trying to chug water when I have these cravings(I’ve heard that when you’re thirsty, your mind tricks you into thinking you’re hungry…) But I’ll be honest, I still want some tasty sugar carbs after I chug the water.

I am determined to get this mom bod toned and healthy before this fall full of weddings! I know this body has gone through a lot with housing and birthing two humans, so I’m not going to hate on it. It’s pretty impressive actually. However, I just want to tone it up just in case I have to beat anyone up that looks at my girls the wrong way. Just kidding. Maybe. I couldn’t knock a fly out right now if I wanted to. Today’s workout was upper body and I have jello arms. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow!

In other news, tonight was the first night for Aubrey in her big girl bed! We went to Target yesterday and she got to pick out new sheets and a new comforter for her bed, in hopes that she would be excited to sleep in it. It worked and she was so excited about her new sheets with unicorns AND deer on them. So 7:30 rolled around and we got her ready for bed and all was well. Josh read a book to her, as usual, and tucked her in…and then the tears started. It was SO HARD to not go in there and fall asleep next to her. We were watching her on the monitor and fighting the temptation to run in and save her for who knows how long. I think she finally fell asleep around 8:30, so hopefully she sleeps through the night.

My town is having a Gilmore Girls block party next week, so I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls from the start and so it’s just constantly on in our house and I’m loving it! I so wish we could visit Stars Hollow but sadly, it doesn’t exist. Now all I want to do is go up to Boston during the fall(or anywhere in the Northeast) and stay in a bed and breakfast! FYI, there’s a 14 bedroom house down the road that’s for sale and would be a perfect B&B, but it’s 1.5M and also there’s really not a whole lot to do around here, so no wonder they’re selling…

Since I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls all week, I decided to see what it took to get into Harvard these days. Can you believe that pretty much the minimum GPA to get in is a 4.1? That’s MORE than just straight A’s. Also, the minimum SAT score is 1540. If a student had both of those, there’s still only a 6% chance of getting in. That is crazy! I mean it could happen, but I don’t think either of our girls will be attending. UGA is much more attainable. GO DAWGS!

Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to stain our deck and front porch, if my arms don’t fall off before then. I told the hubs I would stain if he watched the girls so I can’t complain about sore arms or heat! Wish me luck!

And remember- you’ll make it, mama ūüôā


Monday, Monday

** Monday, Monday… The Mama’s & the Papa’s¬† **

No truer words were ever sung about a Monday than in Monday, Monday by the Mama’s & the Papa’s. Today is no exception. This weekend was SO much fun with my mom and my grandmother in town that it made today especially difficult.

On Saturday, we took the girls to Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and Zoo in Dahlonega, GA. It is such a neat facility and Aubrey thoroughly enjoyed it! All of the animals are rescues and all of the workers are volunteers. There is a small admission fee but all funds go back into the park to feed and maintain the animals. We saw lions, zebras, elk, bears, emus, panthers, and wolves, to name a few. We bought a bucket of food as well to feed some of the animals(obviously not the lions or the bears). It wasn’t too hot and we had such a blast watching Aubrey getting excited over the animals.

On Sunday, we went to INK in Gainesville, GA which is an interactive neighborhood for kids. It is the cutest place for little ones. It is even fit for 2 year olds! It really is a small-scale town with a grocery store, dentist, vet, beauty salon, and more. Aubrey is super independent so she loved doing everything by herself and it was all her size. Small entry fee for that one as well but totally worth it!

Since we were so busy this weekend and went on several adventures, this morning and afternoon were very humdrum. Firstly, my mom and grandmother had to leave us, so I had my own pity party waving goodbye to adult conversation and help with the girls.  This morning, I had to go get groceries and take Emery to the doctor to get a vaccine; neither of which are exactly enjoyable. Then, this afternoon, I had to clean and get dinner ready, and then Emery had a huge blowout right in the middle of typing that first paragraph, actually.

It is kind of humorous how every Monday seems to be the same, even though I’m a SAHM and my routine doesn’t really change. It just¬†feels like a Monday.¬†¬†It¬†smells like a Monday. Everything that happens just¬†screams¬†MONDAY! But in some ways, I love Mondays because we can start the week fresh with new goals. This week, we are signing up for a summer reading program with our local library and we are going to find and make some easy crafts.

As this Monday comes to a close, I can say with certainty, You’ll Make it, Mama!

‚̧ Niki

Getting Out of The House

As I mentioned in my last post, the process of going anywhere with children takes years, and in turn, makes me and my family late pretty much all the time. Most days, I choose to stay at home purely because this process is so intimidating. It is such a hassle to get myself ready, get two kids ready, and out the door. You would think it would be easy since they are so small…no. It’s quite the opposite actually. My two year old daughter is potty trained, which is great, but now we have to make sure she has gone to the bathroom right before we leave because I’m not prepared for what would happen if she had to go while I was driving. Do I stop on the side of the road? How long do I have? Do we have time to pull off, park, get the baby out, run in with a baby on one hip and toddler on the other? So many ways this could go downhill.

Anyway, before leaving the house, the toddler has to go potty, will ask for a snack, and then will inevitably take off and lose the shoes that we put on her. Once she is situated, we’re normally good to go. The baby isn’t mobile yet so I don’t have to worry about her losing shoes or hiding from me, thank goodness. I do, however, have to make sure she is fed and has her pacifier. Those are both¬†very important. I’ve ended up in Target without insuring both of those and it was AWFUL. Luckily, Target is full of moms who totally get it, so I just got looks that said “I feel you, girl. It sucks.” and not “Ew, look at that mom with the screaming baby, get her out of here.”¬†Since my youngest is EBF(exclusively breast fed), she still eats every 3 hours and sometimes 2.5 so I need to feed her right before we go and then I have 2.5-3 hours before I need to feed her again. So I have to ask myself how long our outing will take and will I be in a location that is easy to feed her.

As you could probably tell, I really get worked up over this whole process and unless I have to, I usually just stay at home with the girls. However, I made it a summer goal to get out more with them and do things instead of staying inside all day, every day. This week we worked toward that goal and got out of the house once each day! It was great to catch up with friends and play somewhere other than our living room. It really made the week fly, doing something every morning and getting home just in time for nap and then playing the rest of the afternoon. I realized that I still really dislike getting them ready to go and I don’t think that will change any time soon, but that it is worth it to see my oldest daughter excited about our adventures. I’m going to try my best to get out of the house more, even though it’s tough, and just tell myself “You’ll make it, mama!” because I will and in the end, we’ll all be better for it.